Going Green

Packaging that uses environment harmful styrofoam and plastic is subject to higher dumping cost and government restrictions. Molded pulp packaging product, on the other hand, is the greenest alternating solution in the planet to save our only-one earth. To claim sustainability, packaging must use clean production technologies, conserve raw materials, eliminate toxins and waste, reduce environmental impact and increase efficiencies at every step of the manufacturing process. Some features of molded pulp packaging product is listed below:  

– Is compostable.
– Bring minimal to no impact on the environment.
– Is recyclable. So put it in your green or blue box.
– Made entirely from recycled paper, cardboard, fiber, and water.
– Is biodegradable. Our molded pulp product will breakdown within 50 days if being landfill.

J & J Tech Packaging Inc. is committed to design and development of environmentally friendly molded pulp product. Our true sustainable packaging provides green solutions to customers looking for ecological responsibility.  The benefits of using green molded pulp packaging are not restricted to the environment. Choosing green packaging will greatly differentiate your company and product from the competition, which will potentially increase your sales.