Custom Design

If you would like to build customized molded pulp to meet your packaging needs of your unique product, highly trained and very experienced engineers from J & J Tech Packaging Inc. are proud to offer you professional design, prototyping and molded pulp manufacture services. By following our simple and timely three-step customization process, we are able to implement your packaging idea to a final product in 30 days (some conditions apply).

1. Tell us your packaging requirement
Contact our Sales and Marketing office near to you and submit your detailed packaging requirement, including necessary drawings and specifications of your product, and quantity to be ordered.

2. Analyze and design
Our engineers will analyze your requirement and come up with a right solution to meet your packaging needs. A 3D molded pulp design drawing will be sent to you for review. Any of your feed back will be implemented till your satisfaction. With this approved prototype, we are able to estimate the cost for your customized molded pulp.

3. Manufacture
Upon receiving your P.O., a sample product will be produced for your test and evaluation. Once the sample molded pulp is approved by you, the massive manufacture will be conducted, and final products are shipped to you shortly.

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