Paper molded packaging provides reliable intensity and elasticity to insure your valuable product to be delivered to the end use. Thanks to our astonishing unique pulp possessing technology, that brings numerous features to meet all your expectations to protect your product. The following benefits are  brought to you by using our high-quality molded pulp packaging. 
– Strong holistic structure to protect from vibration and shock
– Soft surfaces to prevent from scratching or abrasion
– Directly replace almost any foam-base packaging product
– Good ventilating and humidity absorbing material, perfect for vegetable, fruit and food packaging applications.
– Anti-static feature makes molded pulp a suitable solution for consumer electronic product packaging
– Lower unit cost compared to other forms of packaging
– Ideal for one-time consuming disposable usage
– Stackable and reasonable light-weight pulp molded packaging can effectively reduce the potential storage and shipping cost
– Low to no cost of disposal